Why AMJ Strata Group

At AMJ we understand that every situation is different which is why we work hard in being able to provide you with completely tailored services to help you in the management of your building.

We endeavour to foster long-standing valued relationships with our clients, and develop our associations into a more efficient and cost-effective Owners Corporation management solution in each and every property we operate for the benefit of all parties.

How we do it

  • By creating and maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients.

  • By understanding our clients' requirements and striving to exceed their expectations.

  • By fostering relationships with other professionals and organisations to better enable us to create opportunities and solutions for our clients.

  • Transparency: We are determined to be known for our high ethical standards and our commitment to transparency and openness.

  • Debt Recovery: We believe it is unfair for a few to hinder the smooth operation of property by not paying their fees. For this reason, we follow up and recover all outstanding fees in a timely manner.

"Our aim is to understand our client’s requirements and strive to exceed their expectations."

With increased rules and regulations, Owners Corporation management is becoming more complex highlighting the need for quality management companies. 

AMJ principles and detailed internal systems will ensure a consistent professional management service which is necessary to make sure that your building is safe and compliant with legislation. Any common property that is not being proactively and professionally managed could lead to an expensive court battle or enter into conflict.

At AMJ we work closely with the lot owners and committee members on an ongoing basis to provide effective and efficient Owners Corporation management services and solutions to your communities. 


At AMJ we work with you and your team to ensure the setup of the new Owners Corporation maximises the success of your development, and provides value for future owners and investors.

We provide you with quality service and accurate information to ensure your project gets out to the market, optimised and on time, whether you are developing small, medium or large scale sites.